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Nino Colla | Wednesday, April 24, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

The Tribe Daily is a Cleveland Indians blog dedicated to full time coverage on the Tribe. Sort of. With staple features such as the Morning Rundown, Offseason Rundown, and Spring Training Rundown throughout the calendar year, The Tribe Daily has been a consistent member of the Indians blogosphere since 2008. You can find every aspect of the Indians covered here, from the minor leagues, to the majors, to every move of the offseason. We combine statistics, information, media reports, and outside opinion from other media and blogs to provide as close to full-coverage on the Tribe as possible. Of course there is also the other aspect, which is pure ridiculousness, which is also a key staple to the blog's success (success is loosely defined).

The Tribe Daily started in February of 2008 and went live to the public in March 2008 (the 19th!) before the Regular Season, it originally started under the name, The Tribe Time Report, but was changed on January 6th, 2009 because I felt like it. It's an offshoot of a SportingNews blog that did nothing but cover the Indians magical 2007 season. The site is committed to bringing you the best coverage of Cleveland Indians Baseball, year round as well as being highly ridiculous.

I've got to a point where there are a few sites and a few people out there that deserve credit for numerous reasons throughout the years. They are: Sporting News Community, RaysIndex, Rich and Brian at The Cleveland Fan, and Paul Cousineau for his work at TheDiaTribe, Tony at Indians Prospect Insider, (some of) the folks at Bleacher Report back when they could write and didn't promote slideshows (she's in it!) any of the knuckleheads following the blog and I on Twitter, my family of course, my friends that read either the blog or my other work, and even the friends that don't read, I love you all equally.

Share The Tribe Daily with all of your friends, and make sure you tell the biggest Cleveland fans you know, we encourage comments, questions, information, tips, criticism and anything you want. It's here for the fans of the Tribe and for me to feel a little egotistical that my thoughts on the Indians are shared on the web.

More About the Managing Editor: Nino Colla

I feel so official, being Editor in all. Anyway, a little about me. I'm a Youngstown native now living in Stow, Ohio as I attend The University of Akron as a Graduate Student in the Higher Education-Administration program. I graduated from UA in May of 2012 with my undergraduate degrees in Communications. I originally intended on making his journalism thing a full-time gig but late in my college career decided to change paths and be someone who taught.

I started this blog in an attempt to chase that dream of covering baseball but in writing it I realized that I'm not sure it can bet better than this and that writing on deadline and for major publications, would provide a great rush, but also not make me happy as I am now. So instead, I'm working towards a goal of becoming someone who can hand down what he loves and also do it at the same time.

I'm also currently writing for The Cleveland Fan where you can find most of the posts (mainly Morning Rundown) on this blog here. You can read a number of my old articles at Bleacher Report where I used to be a Senior Writer, a Indians Featured Columnist, and MLB Community Leader. Some of my pieces have been linked on CBS Sportsline and FOX Sports. Back when it was cool, meant something, and was really really surreal to be featured.

I'm terribly obsessed with wearing hats (I own many Indians ones as well as all the Minor League teams), fear spiders, enjoy the E*Trade Baby and obscure comedy. Readers of the blog know I'll make some crazy references, some of which I'll explain, some of which I won't. If you've ever watched Frisky Dingo, Archer, Sealab, or Always Sunny, you may understand things I say that are subtle jokes. Other than that.. Go Tribe and thank you for putting up with my ridiculousness. And up until late 2012, I ended this post saying that I hated Nick Swisher, but considering he's a Cleveland Indian, I can't really hate him anymore, can I?